Saturday, April 12, 2008


Pattern: Firestarter
Designer: Yarnissima
Source: Ravelry
Yarn: Trekking XXL, color lost along with the ballband.

Just one sock here. I have an aversion to duplicates, and after knitting Hedera (yes, I did finish them) awhile back and realizing that I derived absolutely no joy from the entire second sock, it dawned on me that... well, I'm never going to knit a matching pair of socks again. Many things in life demand tedium, and socks shouldn't.

So singletons it is.

That aside, I'm delighted with this sock. Yarnissima's kits would be very tempting to me if not for my relatively low income+ the international shipping rate + the exchange rate.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ce n'est pas une pipe


It's not knitting, either, but I like it. Pendant made from one sliced shell (species?), about three inches of wire, one misc. small watch part/gear, created pearl (black), and of course various clasps, rings, and cord for the necklace itself. I keep thinking I should make more jewelry; maybe this is a start (and then, I suppose, I will rename my blog something like "The Pinko Bitch Tinkers...")

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sweet Alyssum


Sweet Alyssum shawlette, pattern by Lisa Dykstra.

This is for the black dress that, given the rate at which my shopping efforts have gone, I am probably going to need to make myself. I have a lack of formal wear which is becoming inconvenient. Friends of mine, I am placing a mandatory moratorium on weddings, funerals (especially funerals), graduations, costume masquerades, or anything fancy you set your minds to.

That said, it is very, very nice to not only have my computer running in top shape again, but also to have all my photo-editing programs and drivers back in place. Huzzah.