Saturday, January 31, 2009

FO: Fern Glade, and the New Year

pattern: Fern Glade
designer: Megan Marshall
origins: Knitty
yarn: Manos Silk Blend (300M)
needles: US 4 and 6, circs

I don't think I have ever begun knitting a zine pattern the same season it was released. But I clearly have now, and I love this hat-- a rare thing to hear from someone who doesn't love hats as a rule. The pattern was an easy repeat over several rows, very intuitive to pick up. The silk blend shows off the texture very well, I think.

Of course, recently it's been too warm to wear hats, so it's been warming my dresser drawer.

Tomorrow's February first. I can't stand New Year's resolutions (they're so... annual), but I have been thinking about the fate of this blog. I've had a series of small crises over the past half year, and it's shown, in the ration of knits to posts. I'd like it also to be about more than "Hey knitters, see these pretty things I made?" but it's hard to make it more than that when you a) suffer from a surfeit of hobbies and b)don't have the time, hobbies aside, to sit down and work out a longterm plan.

I'll take suggestions. If I can't come up with a long term plan, I'll probably quit the blog (well, not entirely, as there's a couple free patterns available on it), just because I hate seeing things languish and fizzle. But we'll see. I think I'm motivated.

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